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Play More, Stress Less, Work Better.

PlayMore Corporate Wellbeing, LLC is a revolutionary corporate health and wellbeing company offering a holistic approach to wellness and stress reduction, with an emphasis on heightened creativity and PLAY! Helping employees play better makes them work better.

Wellness is a very nebulous term. When most people hear “corporate wellness program” they think of stretch breaks and corporate memberships to gyms. But smart companies know that it’s not just making sure their employees are healthy, but that the entire company culture is healthy as well. Hence wellbeing.

PlayMore is NOT a typical “wellness company.” PlayMore is the provider of a one-of-a-kind, creative productivity and burnout prevention system. Within this system are health-promoting programs of all kinds to help employees feel and look their best, utilizing our 10 Areas of Wellbeing. When these 10 areas are balanced, they feel fantastic and it shows in their work.

We concentrate on the entire “corporate culture.” This truly creates more productive employees because it includes their ENTIRE lives.  It’s all about life balance-from nutrition and fitness to mental, spiritual and even financial health. Companies need to start caring about their employee’s quality of life no matter where they are. What worries them, affects them all the time and affects their productivity, especially when their work isn’t the usual “9 to 5!”

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