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About Our CEO

Rona Lewis CEO

Rona Lewis is particularly knowledgeable for working in the corporate wellness (we prefer wellbeing) arena.  Having been a “suit” herself, Rona understands the stress and unpredictability of corporate life and she truly knows how to work within these parameters to keep a healthy, balanced and playful lifestyle

Rona’s first career was in advertising sales, where her last position was as VP of Sales for a national media rep firm.  She then changed careers and became a fitness and lifestyle coach for corporations, professional women and businessmen. Add to that, certifications as a creativity coach and her business built itself! Her background includes a degree in Advertising with a Minor in Phys. Ed. from Penn State University, along with certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and The American College of Sports Medicine.

As an expert, she’s been a guest on TV and radio shows from San Francisco to New York. Her articles have been featured in Corporate Wellness Magazine, Town and Country Magazine, New York’s Pierless Magazine and more.

Another added bonus is that Rona went to culinary school! (She really loves to cook.)  Her healthy cookbook series, “Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?” contains healthy recipes, entertaining tips, pertinent information on vitamins and minerals and most importantly, recipes that don’t take forever to prepare and cook!

Rona Is Available!

Rona Lewis is an accomplished speaker, seminar leader, and radio/television talk show guest who is available for hire and/or appearances!

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About Our CHO (Chief Health Officer)

Allison Samon aka Health Allie is a board-certified Holistic Health Coach (American Association of Drugless Practitioners), an Environmental Toxins Expert, a published author and a public speaker. She currently serves as Chief Health Officer at PlayMore in Los Angeles.

Allison is eminently positioned to understand the wellness demands of corporate and executive lifestyles. She spent 15 years working on high-profile film, television and commercial productions as a producer and assistant director, and has an Emmy Award to prove it! During this time, she developed a seasoned understanding of how long hours and high pressure can affect vitality. In fact, creating health and wellness programs for the entertainment industry is how Allison initially built her private practice.

Allison specializes in simplifying the complex, intersecting ecosystems of fitness and nutrition, so that wellness programs become both pragmatic and sustainable for busy professionals . Although based in Los Angeles, Allison works with clients both over the phone and via Skype, delivering an international reach.

Allison holds degrees from Ithaca College and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is an accredited drugless practitioner with the AADP and is currently completing certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine.

About Our Yoga Coach

Laurie ‘ Lady Yoga’ Searle has been teaching Yoga (E-RYT 500), fitness training (NASM) and has been a massage practitioner for almost two decades. She leads teacher trainings nationally & internationally & is the founder of F.E.D. Fight Eating Disorders ,a 501(c)(3) non-profit, offering assistance for those suffering from eating disorders (fighteatingdisorders.org).  

She is a journalist, actor and creator/writer of the comic strip and animations of Lady Yoga, Superhero. Her first book, Superhero Yoga – ‘Above and Beyond the Mat‘, is done and lookin’ for publication. 

About Our Mindfulness Coach

Brian Gallo is a meditation and sports coach, venture capitalist, writer and speaker.

Specializing in team and corporate meditation, Brian is uniquely qualified to work in the corporate wellbeing arena.

His experience on Wall Street, in venture capital and as a startup founder, Brian knows firsthand the stressors and best business practices for achieving business success. It’s more than just stress reduction but operating at your highest level.

Brian is an expert in bringing beginner meditators from first time ever to lifetime practice, all while having a laugh or two along the way!


About Our Success Coach

Ricky Powell’s academic training, multifaceted background and years of in-the-trenches experience make him one of our most favorite success coaches! In Ricky’s dynamic sessions, his inspirational speaking style captivates his audiences as his inexhaustible energy permeates the room. You’ll be glued to your seat, eager to listen and ready to hear more of his life-changing practical knowledge.

During his exceptional career, Ricky has served in key leadership positions and has been consistently rated as a top performer for work quality, leadership, and mission accomplishment. With Ricky’s knowledge and skill, he created budgets that saved thousands of dollars, and he acted as a liaison between internal and external teams for over 25 years with one of America’s largest television networks.

As a speaker and coach focusing on the development of success habits and excellent communication, Ricky enjoys sharing his expertise to help foster engagement, leaving employees feeling motivated and more productive—and creating greater levels of retention and profits for organizations.