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An Excursion to the Expo!

This past week was the annual Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center. It’s the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event. This is 5 day affair that includes everything from educational seminars for people in the business to yoga classes and evening networking events.In its 37th year, 2017 was record-setting, playing host to more than 80,000 attendees including industry pioneers and a new generation of innovators shaping the future of healthy products. There were about 1300 exhibitors this year, many of them having innovative flavors, products to help the planet and give back to society.

If you’re doing it all, it’s pretty expensive to go. Luckily, Allison and I were able to go to the main exhibition for free. We’re, y’know, professionals! Seriously, we go down to see what’s new and exciting. Most of the exhibitors are food and food related products. There are also home products, packaging companies, pet products, imported goods…you get the idea. Many of these vendors are looking to get into stores on the west coast. The majority of them, of course, already have an online presence.

One of the things that warmed my heart was that so many of them were B corps. The state of Delaware has sanctioned a new form of incorporation, called a public benefit corporation, or B corp. It allows companies to write values such as sustainability into their articles of incorporation. This is one of them. Level GroundTrading is a company that sells coffees and spices. They feature workers on their labels (love that) AND…it’s organic and the coffee packaging is COMPOSTABLE! How cool is that? Oh–and it’s pretty darn good coffee, to boot! I have cinnamon in my coffee every morning, so they generously gave me the spice, as well as the coffee. (Yay swag!) And yes, they’re fair trade.

Ohana Skin Care is cooler than cool. Their shea butter cream is awesome! Many shea butters get too hard, so you have to scrape them. This is soft and easy to spread on your skin. This is the owner, holding up my favorite scent–get some of this online. It’s amazing and a little goes a long way. (No, I did not get paid for these endorsements! I just really liked the product).

Another example of the wonderful offerings, these jams are filled with ingredients you can pronounce, they’re not overly sweet and that hit of “hot” hits the spot!

Bottom line, with 1300 booths, we didn’t get to see everything, but we both loaded up with samples. These are just MINE! Tea bags, healthy snack bars, organic chocolate, body lotions…It was an organic orgy of healthy products!

I should be done with them all…around the time of NEXT year’s event!

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