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If you’ve read some of PlayMore’s blog posts, you know we’re all about having a sense of play about…well…everything.  Granted, sometimes playfulness isn’t appropriate; like having a food fight at your great-uncle’s funeral, but for the most part, letting your inner child have some fun has a ton of benefits.  So why not fit in fun whenever you can?

With this in mind, I recently was lucky enough to score a super fun way to travel short distances that keeps my inner child giggling.  It’s a scooter from Micro Kickboards.  I got the Micro Black http://(www.microkickboard.com/micro-black).  Not only is it fun to ride, but it folds up to make it easy to carry!  This was an epiphany for me.  I’ve seen little bicycles do that, but they look uncomfortable for anyone over 4’10”.  Luckily, this scooter fits anyone up to 6’.  If you’re closer to the clouds, they have one for you, too!  Yes, you have inner children, as well.  They’re just…taller.

I did a little research into the company.  It’s based in Zurich, Switzerland.  They’re very picky about workmanship there.  Have you seen their clocks?  They distribute in the US out of Michigan, with an office in LA and have been in business for about 10 years.  OK!  These guys know their stuff.  I’m sold.

It took a few tries, as I’m out of practice being on two wheels, especially ones that small, but I’m getting the hang of it.   There are no brake handles, it’s under the back wheel cover. You have to take the foot you “scoot” with and press gently on the wheel cover to stop it.  Surprisingly smooth, once you allow yourself to trust it.

I decided to brave the streets with it this week and took it to my local Starbucks.  Since I go there to work sometimes, I took my computer, notebooks, etc, in my backpack and off I scooted.  My balance was a little wonky, but besides that and a few tree roots messing up the sidewalks, I did OK!  I had to keep switching feet, as the leg standing on the scooter gets a workout.  “Yay!  Another benefit,” I thought, attempting a dose of positivity as my thigh muscle burned. When I got to the Starbucks, I was amazed at how many looks and questions about it I got as I folded it up.

One of my clients told me that at a previous job, many people used scooters to go across their office space.  They had 35,000 square feet on one floor.  Brilliant!  And when chatting with Aaron Finney of Micro Kickboards, he told me lots of urban professionals use them to get from their house to their commuter trains and back. It’s a lot cheaper than paying for parking when the brunt of the ride is public transport.

Oh!  This is my favorite thing they offer (not that my scooter isn’t fantastic)…it’s a carry on suitcase with a scooter attached!  How nifty is THAT?  For anyone who travels a lot and doesn’t need a ton of clothing, this is the size of a carry on.  Now you don’t have to run through airports and can let your inner kid have a blast on business trips and weekends away.  https://www.microkickboard.com/micro-luggage-reloaded

For my needs, my Micro Black is perfect. I love this thing.  I posted this photo of me riding it on my Facebook page and promptly had all my friends who are moms yell at me…”Wear a helmet!”  “Ya wanna break your face? Get some headgear, elbow pads and knee pads!”  Alright, Moms!  I’ll get a helmet.  Since I don’t plan on scooting across town, the elbow and knee pads probably won’t make it into my closet, but I hear you.  Even with my mass of curls, I know it’s not enough protection from a mass of tree-broken concrete.


Have something you want me to talk about?  Need a tip from the PlayMore gang?  Just email us and we’ll do our best to cover the subject in the blog…..



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  1. Jill Blackstone September 1, 2017 at 6:51 am

    I love that scooter. And I thought your newsletter on it was really fun. Made me want to get one but it also was a good mix of product review, how to incorporate it into work life, how to make commuting or errands fun, and the work-out benefit to it.

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