How Resilient Are You?

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How Resilient Are You?

How good are you at bouncing back from adversity?  Whether you’re dealing with a boss who’s negative or working on relationship gone sour, staying positive and not being hard on yourself is a sign of true wellbeing.

Resilience is SUCH a useful thing to have.  Having a high overall sense of wellbeing allows us to have a high resilience factor.  It can serve as the foundation for anyone to propel themselves to greater heights, professionally and personally.  True life balance.

Think about this—how vulnerable can you be without shrinking from it?  Can you be open and willing to share ideas?  To take a chance?  How confident are you about trying new things and SUCKING at them?  C’mon, have you EVER seen anyone be fantastic the first time they’ve ice skated or skied?  Any new sport takes practice, just like any new job or responsibility at work takes time to learn. Are you willing to make mistakes and own up to them?

Here’s a homework assignment for you. Pay attention to your “resilience opportunities.”  Try something new…don’t take every comment personally, share an idea without overthinking it.  Just go for it!

If you have a low level of resilience, you’ll find it spills over into more areas of your life than just that one issue.  It increases the risk of depression and spurs on the negative impacts of stress!

So, don’t let things get to you and give yourself a break.  Life is a process and a positive attitude will get you through more sticky wickets than you know.  Smile and go out and play!



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