Meeting “Cute”-7 Meeting Hacks For More Productivity

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Meeting “Cute”-7 Meeting Hacks For More Productivity

Are you “meeting” right?

When I was a sales manager, I started out having the obligatory Monday morning meetings,” to find out what my sales people were up to for the week. It was long. It was boring. It was the wrong way to have a meeting. No one was happy to be there-everyone wanted to start their week and make phone calls and appointments. Something had to give.

So I changed it. We started having meetings on Friday afternoons. Sometimes we’d have a beer or wine at a local happy hour, talked about how the week went and how the sales process could improve. You know what? That small change made the meeting much more enjoyable. We talked about our experiences, as opposed to what we PLANNED to do. We discussed everything from the sales process to what color to paint the offices. It brought us closer, which made everyone work a little harder because we all wanted to succeed for each other.

Old school meetings don’t cut it, anymore. Here are 6 suggestions to help keep your meetings fun and productive. (And no, you don’t have to go to a bar to do them).

1-Keep meetings short-no more than 45 minutes. Make sure everyone knows the agenda so there’s no extraneous chatter.

2-Lunch is a great slot for recurring meetings. You have to eat, anyway, but this way the meetings don’t take up time that you could use for more focused work or brainstorming.

3-Make sure everyone coming to the meeting can answer this question, “What does success in this case look like?” Once people start having goals, it stimulates the part of the mind which governs social decisions.

4-Using paper (THIS is old school!) helps to have shorter meetings. Paper forces you to be present with the people in the room and your thoughts. When people aren’t messing around, they’re more engaged and finish faster.

5-Walking meetings rock! Research has suggested that walking makes people more creative

6-Active meetings are a good way to keep the blood flowing. Have people do push ups or wall squats after each person speaks. OR start larger group meetings with some kind of physical activity–20 body weight squats or jumping jacks makes everyone energetic!

7-Schedule 1/2 hour on Friday afternoons for a Gratefulness meeting. Sit in a circle and have everyone name another person’s work they want to acknowledge and one thing they’re grateful for that week. Everyone feels really good leaving for the weekend on a positive note.

Meeting can be a real time suck. Most aren’t necessary, but if you have to have them, you might as well enjoy them! I hope these will make them better.

Have any work hacks or questions for us? We’ll answer them here! Just send them to and one of our experts will write about it.

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