Play more…Stress less…Work better!

Do you really want a “know it all” for a speaker? When it comes to corporate wellbeing and living a balanced life, you should! Rona is one of the few in this business with life experience on both sides of the desk. A former VP of sales for a media rep firm, she made her passion her profession and pursued a career in fitness and health.

Because of this unique life experience, Rona understands the stress and unpredictability of corporate life and will regale you with hysterical stories of her roller coaster ride up the corporate ladder and how stress affected the level of productivity and creativity of her and those around her.

But that’s not all, Rona is a leading expert in increasing creativity with innovative tools that bring out her audiences “inner child!” Stress levels and that sense of overwhelm decrease, all while giving listeners that sense of fun and inspiration.

Her irreverent, edgy style will keep your audience on their toes and before they know it, they’ve learned something! She’s available for keynotes, interactive workshops, lunch and learns and seminars worldwide.

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Wellness
  • Facilitator/Trainer
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Coach
  • Increasing Creativity by decreasing Stress and Burnout
  • Creating Healthy Work Environments
  • Health & Wellness Promotion
  • Health Program Development
  • Nutrition & Exercise Education
  • Behavior Modification

Seminars & Keynote Topics include:

  • “How To Be Creative When Stress Get In The Way”
  • “Corporate Wellness Works-If You Know How”
  • “Age Is A State Of Mind….And Body”
  • 3 Little Words That Can Change Your Life
  • You Really ARE What You Eat!!

What People Are Saying

“I had asked Rona to speak at our hospital’s Heart and Vascular Institute community education event for Heart Month. Rona was able to incorporate elements of nutrition and exercise into her overall theme of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her speaking style and enthusiasm kept the audience engaged and entertained. She offered a wealth of information on how to keep healthy and fit and she included a great deal of audience participation. It was, according to our post-event feedback, our top-rated event over the past seven years.”

Mark Lewis, Director, Heart and Vascular Institute at Upper Chesapeake Health, Bel Air, Maryland

“We loved having Rona speak at our series of open enrollment fairs this year. Her keynote kept everyone informed, entertained and inspired. The feedback we got was tremendous and we will definitely keep her on our list of speakers for future events.”

Alex Rabrenovich, Chief Health Benefits Administrator, Los Angeles City Employee Retirement Services, Los Angeles, California

Videos of Rona’s Prior Appearances

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