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An Excursion to the Expo!

This past week was the annual Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center. It's the world's largest natural, organic and healthy products event. This is 5 day affair that includes everything from educational seminars for people in the business to yoga classes and evening networking events.In its 37th year, 2017 was record-setting, playing [...]

When The Stress Monster Attacks

  Stress.  I don’t know anyone who lives their life without it.  From high-tech billionaires to the homeless guy on the corner begging for quarters, stress permeates our lives.  Granted, a little stress makes us perform better, react quicker and stay on our toes.  But overall, who needs it?! To make matters worse, studies have [...]

Play More. Stress Less. Work Better!

Allison Samon, PlayMore's Chief Health Officer and Me This is more than our tagline, it’s our mantra.  It should be yours!  We at PlayMore believe that work and play don’t have to be separated.  Why not enjoy what you do for a living or at least be able to balance your hard work with fun [...]

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