Can You Relate?

    Donna DiRenzo Graves              Paola Palazzo and Donnie Graves   Relationships are everything.  From your mail carrier to your boss, relationships can make your life easier or make your life hell.   Relationships fall under your social wellbeing.  Your social prowess or lack-thereof often drives how successful you are in [...]

5 Habits that Inspire Creative Thinking

As I scoured the internet looking for interesting articles and research on play, creativity and stress reduction, I found this.  It's short, sweet and mentions activities from 5 of PlayMore's 10 Areas of Wellbeing.  They're easy to do and make life that much more fun...oh, and of course, spark creativity!  Enjoy and give 'em a [...]

Wellbeing is Productivity

Corporate Wellness programs are springing up all over the place. The term “wellness” is the new hot buzzword in company-speak. I don’t even like that word for many reasons, the most obvious is that we need ‘Wellbeing,’ not wellness. Wellbeing is a proactive approach to living an optimal lifestyle.  We all want to be healthy [...]

Play More. Stress Less. Work Better!

Allison Samon, PlayMore's Chief Health Officer and Me This is more than our tagline, it’s our mantra.  It should be yours!  We at PlayMore believe that work and play don’t have to be separated.  Why not enjoy what you do for a living or at least be able to balance your hard work with fun [...]

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