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What’s Your View of Life?

As Dr. Albert Robbins, MD on CSI

This past Monday I was at my weekly Toastmasters meeting (a fantastic organization for both self-improvement and networking). It was a special “Speaker Series” evening. The guest was Robert David Hall, an actor best known for his portrayal of coroner Dr. Albert Robbins, MD on CSI. It was a talk that showed the people and events from his past that made an impact on his life.

When he was 31, a drunk driver behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler jumped the divide on a highway and crushed his car. He lost his legs (one above and one below the knee). This would have destroyed the psyche of 99% of the people I know–myself included. But not him. Amazingly enough, he told us how he never got down on himself, never thought about ending it all and never gave up on his dreams.

He told us his father (who was a military hero in WWII) used to say to him, “Someone always has it worse than you and someone always has it better. So deal with it.” And he did. His friends and family helped, of course, giving support, but it was his mindset that got him through.

What stuck with me was when he said, “Many people concentrate on what they DON’T have. We all should be grateful for what we DO have.” It’s a great way to look at life. I see dogs with 3 legs and cats with only one eye who are loving and loyal and happy. Because they work with what they have.

How do you see life? Make sure you’re grateful for what you have and who you have in your life to make it better! Appreciate your job, your home and what you have NOW. Remember…someone always has it worse and someone always has it better….


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